Ryujinx - Nintendo Switch Emulator

Building Ryujinx:

Step one:

Download .NET 6 here. Then install the SDK.

Step two (Variant one):

After the installation of the .NET SDK is done; go ahead and copy the Clone link from GitHub from here (via Clone or Download --> Copy HTTPS Link. Or you can download the ZIP tarball.) You can Git Clone the repo by using the GitBash, or you may use the second variant.

Step two (Variant two):

Download the ZIP Tarball. Then extract it to a directory of your choice.

Step three:

Build the App using a Command prompt in the ROOT directory. You can quickly access it by Holding shift in explorer (in the Ryujinx directory) then right clicking, and typing the following command dotnet publish -c Release -r win-x64 --self-contained. The build directory is "root/bin/release/etc/etc."